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Rocket Seed Experiment.


We applied for Rocket Seeds and we received them last week.

The rocket seeds have been in space for 6 months and we now have to carry out an experiment to compare their growth with seeds that have not been in space.

We have been sent 2 packets of seeds, red and blue. We do not know which seeds are which, but we have to observe the seeds as they grow.

Will the seeds that have been in space grow differently? That is the question! 


Today, 26.04.16, we planted the seeds! 100 from the blue pack and 100 from the red pack. It was a busy day planting, labelling and setting up the experiment. Mrs Hassard even forgot to give out the homework!! 

Here are some pictures of the activities so far.





Florence Nightingale kindness!

It's Valentine Card time! We had a creative afternoon and all our cards are different.

Who will be lucky to receive these?

Award Winners for November and December. Well done!

Our Tayto Trip