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Strong News quiz answers

The answers and winner of the Strong News quiz were revealed in school this morning. Congratulations to Scott Megarity from P6H/G who got the most correct answers and won the prize of £20.

The answers were as follows:
  1. Which teacher was P7 County Armagh cycling champion? Mrs Hamilton
  2. Which teacher was the 100m sprint champion at grammar school? Mrs Brown
  3. Which teacher has a purple belt in karate? Mrs Coulter
  4. Which teacher has walked the Belfast Marathon three times? Mrs Hassard
  5. Which teacher has worked as a grave digger? Mr Vennard
  6. Which teacher has lived in Wales? Mrs Frazer
  7. Which teacher can play the trombone? Miss Brown
  8. Which teacher has taught in Malaysia? Mrs Poots
  9. Which teacher once flushed their mother’s hat down the toilet? Mr Dickson
  10. Which teacher can walk on their hands? Mr Forbes
  11. Which teacher wanted to be a midwife? Mrs Lee
  12. Which teacher held the record for the 1500m in high school for over 10 years? Mrs Dodds
  13. Which teacher has played tennis with a Wimbledon champion? Mrs Hannam
  14. Which teacher has a twin sister? Mrs Wethers
  15. Which teacher has a twin brother? Mrs Gilmore
  16. Which teacher won a cup with their primary school’s quiz team in a competition against lots of other schools? Mrs Graham
  17. Which teacher used to have to listen to country music as a child to be put to sleep? Miss Purdy
  18. Which teacher designed the logo for their primary school? Mrs Gilpin Brown
  19. Which teacher was born on Christmas Day? Mrs Hewitt
  20. Which teacher has taught in a school in Africa? Miss McCutcheon
  21. Which teacher has worked the nightshift at Tayto? Mrs Moffett
  22. Which teacher has a golf handicap of 14? Mrs Henry
  23. Which teacher won a Young Farmers’ Club public speaking competition? Mrs Ginniff
  24. Which teacher once had a three legged pet lamb? Mrs Rollston
  25. Which teacher once missed a plane home as the connecting train they were on was on fire? Mrs Hutchison
  26. Which teacher has two chickens called Poppy and Rocky? Mrs McBride
Thank you to everyone who entered and supported the school magazine. Thanks also to the teachers for being willing to share their random facts!