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Literacy Activities

We are learning about alphabetical order. We know to look at the first letter of a word to help order it alphabetically. We also talked about how to look at the second letter if a word starts with the same first letter.

We are learning to compare objects. We are thinking about how to add -er or -est to the end of a word to show comaprison e.g. the car is bigger than the bicycle.

Each week we love to work on our Linguistic Phonics sounds. We play different games and sort words into their spelling patterns. We enjoy using the Nessy Computer programme to work on our sounds. Here are some photos of us!

Phonics activities on the iPad

Autumn Writing and ICT Tasks - We learnt about the hedgehog. We wrote some facts about hedgehogs and then we typed them on the computer. We also drew some hedgehog pictures!

iPad Tasks - we have been learning about our class and ourselves. We made non fiction information books using the Book Creator app based on this topic. We worked in pairs to add photos, captions and backgrounds. We had to make sure that we had written in full sentences and used capital letters and full stops! Then we plugged the iPad into the IWB and read our books to the rest of the class!

Synonyms and Antonyms Work!