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Autumn Topic and ABL

Autumn Information Books on Book Creator - we made information books about Autumn on the book creator app (see pictures below). After a few sessions working on these we got to show and read our books to the rest of the class on the IWB. Here we are sharing our work with our peers!

Sketching Hedgehogs - we are learning about Autumn. We have been learning about the Hedgehog. We used graphite to sketch hedgehogs and then we added colour using pastels. What do you think of our work?

Autumn Art Work - we went outside and collected leaves to make Autumn hedgehogs! We also used our fingers to paint falling leaves on an autumn tree!

Autumn Books on the iPads - we have been learning about Autumn. We used the Book Creator app on the iPad and worked in pairs to create an information book about Autumn. We took photos of the signs of Autumn around us and added them to our books. We also typed sentences to explain all about the season of Autumn.

Autumn ICT - we used an art programme on the computer to create an Autumn scene or an Autumn animal like a squirrel or a hedgehog. Then we typed sentences about the season of autumn or what the animals do in autumn.

Autumn Related Music - we listened to an excerpt from Overture 1812 which was played to a fireworks sequence. We talked about how the music suited the fireworks sequence and we discussed the loud and soft sounds and the fast and slow sounds. Then we used percussion instruments to play along with the fireworks sequence!