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Pupil Council

Welcome to the Pupil Council Web Page! 

Why was the Pupil Council formed?

  • To give senior pupils responsibility
  • To encourage pupils to become active in making decisions about their school
  • To encourage pupils to communicate effectively with their peers, teachers, supervisory staff and ancillary staff

How does it operate?

Firstly, class elections are held to elect a pupil rep.

Pupils in each class learn how voting systems work, why it is important to vote for the person they think will do the best job and that after voting the decision is final.

We meet 3 – 4 times a term to discuss issues that we feel are important to the pupils in the school. We put ideas forward to Mr Dickson (Principal) and Mrs Murray(Vice Principal) about what we would like for the school. Many of these ideas come from class suggestion books.


Ideas that the Pupil Council have initiated include;


  • A school House System

  • Playground Equipment/ Buddy System

  • A Pupil Reward System

  • Board games in classrooms for wet breaks / lunches

  • Adopt a school pet ………… to name but a few.



Pupil Council Representatives 2023-2024