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Daily Routines

The School Day


P1, P2, J1 & A1 :9am to 2pm.


P3: Monday & Tuesday: 9am to 3pm

P3: Wednesday - Friday: 9am t0 2pm


P4 -P7 + S1: 9am – 3pm


Arriving At School

Parents are reminded that, as far as possible, pupils should not be on school premises before 8.40 am (unless using Breakfast Club). Teachers’ supervisory duty begins at 8.40 am. when the school doors are opened. Any pupil present in the school playground before 8.40 am. is unsupervised.


Entering and Leaving School

a) Parents collecting and leaving children should use the walkway at the College Hill side of the school. Pupils should enter and leave the school through the pupils’ entrance at the College Hill gate. Any pupils leaving by the Observatory driveway must be accompanied by an adult.


b) The front door of the school may be used in the mornings.


c) Any parents wishing to collect a child from school during school hours, eg. for a doctor’s appointment, must report in the first instance to the school office and complete the signing out record book.


d) In the interests of security, the pupils’ entrance gate on College Hill will be closed each day from 9.30 am. to 1.45 pm. Parents collecting children from school between these times should use the entrance off the Observatory driveway.


e) To ensure safety of children and appropriate access the school car park should not be used at 2.00 pm. and 3.00 pm. as a collection point by parents with cars.


Afternoon Bus Service

The afternoon bus service from The Armstrong, continues to operate. The bus leaves the College Hill exit from the school at approximately 2:55 pm and stops at the Portadown Road, Drumadd Terrace, The Folly, Woodford, Ardmore, Orangefield and Barrack Hill in that order. Money is payable directly to the bus driver.